This is the local installation guide for devs. If you are looking deployment instructions check it.

It's pretty simple: npm i toweran && npx toweran create-project .


At first you have to make sure you have installed nodejs and npm of one of the supported versions. The list of supported versions can be found here in node_js: section. I could recommend nvm tool to get the right one.

So let's say you start new project under toweran or want to use it in a legacy one. If it's the second case, please start a new one anyway and then move the code. Any existing code may be damaged because of rolling out the boilerplate dirs structure.

  • get to the right place mkdir ./awesome-api && cd ./awesome-api
  • npm init -y you will have a chance to fill in all the things later
  • npm i toweran here we got the library
  • npx toweran create-project . the boilerplate has been rolled out
  • npm i the package.json had been updated so get the dev-dependencies
  • npm test run tests to make sure it works ok

Start it

To start npm start, it should run the app and HTTP adaptor on default port 3000 and if you open http://localhost:3000/api/v1/welcome it responses with

  "message": "Toweran is on!"

Ctrl+C to stop the app

Next configure you application